Vaginal Relaxation (Hypermobility)

What is vaginal hypermobility?

Vaginal delivery or genetic constitution can cause changes in the external and internal anatomical dimensions of the vaginal channel, with a loss of elasticity and tension in the muscles and ligaments of the female pelvis.

Lack of tone in the vaginal walls results in a decrease or loss of sensation during intercourse, with reduced sensitivity to the penis in the vagina. This sexual dysfunction can be salvaged with the new laser treatment offered by IML for the first time in Spain.

 IML provides its patients with laser treatment of vaginal hypermobility

IML provides its patients with laser treatment of vaginal hypermobility

What does laser vaginal rejuvenation treatment involve?

Laser vaginal rejuvenation is achieved through a computerised endovaginal applicator that emits laser energy absorbed by the vaginal mucus. This produces vaginal contraction with an increase in tone due to the stimulation of collagen and increased, improved lubrication from the biostimulant effect of the laser on the vaginal mucus and pelvic muscle tone and voluntary control.

Vaginal relaxation laser treatment

Vaginal relaxation laser treatment

For more information on laser vaginal rejuvenation treatment, request a free informative consultation with our Aesthetic Gynaecology Unit.

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