Scientific Area

Dr. Babentsova attended the Masterclass by Merz

IML attends the Merz Aesthetics Masterclass

Scientific Area - 11 May, 2019
Dr. Ana Babentsova, aesthetic physician at IML, attended the Masterclass "Cutting Edge Techniques in Addressing the Aesthetics Patient", an event organised by Merz Aesthetics held in Madrid on 11th May 2019. The anatomy of the facial thirds, optimum Botulinum Toxin…
Charing Cross 2019

IML attends Charing Cross 2019

Scientific Area - 19 April, 2019
Dr. David Fernandez, one of our medical specialists in Angiology and Vascular Surgery and head of the IML Phlebology Unit, participated in the CX 2019 International Congress (Charing Cross London Symposium 2019), held in London from 15th to 18th April…
Scientific publication

New scientific publication on Photomedicine in Gynaecology

Scientific Area - 7 March, 2019
Coordinated by our head of Gynaecology, Dr. Juan Jose Escribano, IML contributed in the scientific journal "In response to the FDA warning about the use of photomedicine in gynaecology ". This article has been published in the journal “Lasers in…
IML, speaker at the 34th national SEME congress

IML, speaker at the 34th National SEME Congress

Scientific Area - 23 February, 2019
Dr. Gema Perez Sevilla, head of the IML Facial Aesthetics and Surgery Unit, participated in the 34th Congress of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SEME), held in Malaga on 21 to 23 February 2019. The paper by Dr. Perez…
16th Gynaecology Update Conference

IML, at the 16th Gynaecology Update Conference

Scientific Area - 23 February, 2019
Dr. Juan Jose Escribano, head of the Cosmetic and Functional Gynaecology Unit at IML, attended the 16th Gynaecology and Obstetrics Update Conference, organised by DEKA Laser Tech Iberica, held in Madrid on 21 and 22 February 2019. Dr. Escribano also…
IML, speaker at Exeltis Day 2019

IML, speaker at 2019 Exeltis Day

Scientific Area - 1 February, 2019
Dr. Juan Jose Escribano participated in the third edition of Exeltis Day, held on 1st February 2019 at the European University of Madrid. Dr. Escribano, head of the Cosmetic Gynaecology Unit at IML, presented his paper on CO2 laser in…
Climateric and Menopause Course

IML lectures at the 4th Course on Climetric and Menopause

Scientific Area - 13 December, 2018
Dr. Juan Jose Escribano, head of the IML Functional Gynaecology Unit, lectured at the 4th AEEM Continuing Education Course, "Climacteric and Menopause", held in Murcia on 13 December 2018. The course was organised by the Spanish Association for the Study…
Dr. Escribano, lectured at the menopause course

IML lectures at the Study of Menopause Course

Scientific Area - 30 November, 2018
Dr. Juan José Escribano, head of the IML Functional Gynaecology Unit, lectured at the training course organised by the Spanish Association for the Study of Menopause (AEEM), held on 30 November 2018 at the Ciudad Real Medical Association.
ATFAL. stretch mark new protocol

ATFAL, new stretch mark protocol available at IML

Scientific Area - 28 November, 2018
ATFAL, Laser Assisted Transepidermal Drug Delivery, is a new protocol for the improvement of white stretch marks, now available at IML. The IML Dermatology Unit has conducted safety and effectiveness studies of ATFAL, a new therapeutic option to improve the…
Heart Lifting Threads

IML attends the Heart Lifting Information Session

Scientific Area - 23 November, 2018
Doctors Almudena Royo and Svetlana Babentsova, IML aesthetic physicians, attended the information session on Heart Lift, organised by TOV Medical laboratories in Madrid in November 2018. The Rainbow New Heart Lifting tensing threads are characterised by a long-lasting lift performance…
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